Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

Get insured wherever you travel can help you enjoy the trips and cover unexpected expenses. For Canadians residents whether you are on a work permit, permanent resident of Canada or citizen of Canada who is planning to visit outside Canada or their province, we have different plans as per your needs. When you travel with pre-existing medical conditions then the first and last thing you think about whether you will be covered for that health condition or not. We have many plans which cover pre-existing health conditions in an emergency. These plans are designed for sudden unforeseen circumstances. Every plan has its own features and exclusions. For more information contact us.

Travelling Canadians

Cover emergency Medical Expenses anywhere in the World including Covid-19

Travel Insurance for Canadians

Visitors to Canada

Cover Emergency Medical Expenses While Visiting Canada

Travel Insurance for Visitors to Canada

Student Away from Home

Covers out of province emergency medical expenses and accidental death or disability

Travel Insurance for Students