Registered Education Saving Plan

We help Canadian families to maximise their children’s education savings. RESP (Registered Education Saving Plan) is first step to the success of your Child. Government of Canada appreciate your savings and provide grants on your contributions to your child’s RESP plan. Contribute to RESP plan and earn tax deferred growth. Your savings in RESP plans can make a big difference in your child’s future.

RESP is especially designed for higher education of children. Post secondary education will not be an issue for parents if you start saving for your kid’s higher education right from their birth. It is a 17 years journey of contribution, when child will enter in his eighteen year of age then he will get the net amount in his RESP account. It is the right reason of investment for your child. It enables your child to earn a degree without stress of funds. Higher education is valuable and important for everyone so, it is the right thing you do for your child’s bright future. This is the smart and proven way of saving for post secondary education.

You can get up to $7200 Canada Education Saving Grant on your contributions, $1200 BC Govt. grant and $2000 for Canada Learning bond and get a Tax deferred compound growth in the whole period of RESP. Start RESP early give you more earnings for your child’s higher education. For more professional advice contact us.