Health & Dental Insurance

Drug and Dental insurance are a perfect complement with provincial health program. Even though you are healthy, but you never know what can happen in future. These plans allow you to top up your existing prescription drug insurance. We all aware that drugs and dental treatment is quite expensive in Canada. There are affordable ways to eliminate the costs of prescription drugs and dental treatment not covered by MSP or government plan. If something unexpected happen then you can focus on your recovery instead of worry about cost.

Health and Dental plans are designed for those who are not covered under a group plan from their work. Health and Dental plans protect you from the out-of-pocket high costs of health care such as Prescription drugs, dental services, vision care and hospital care benefits are covered under this plan.  These plans are flexible and designed to suit your needs. Pre-existing conditions and prescription drugs you are already taking are also covered under our plans. We have number of plans for individuals and families as per their specific needs.